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Tartanista was created in 2005 when John Fried needed a kilt for a wedding. Finding nothing affordable, he realised that there was a gap in the market. John started the business with a small number of Royal Stewart kilts. Soon other tartans, sporrans and belts were added at his customers’ requests.

At the outset, stock was stored in the attic of his home and packed at the kitchen table. John was not popular with the queue behind him at the small local post office every day.

By 2007, the kitchen table was outgrown and the post office queue was starting to get menacing, so new premises were found in Finchley, London, and a postal collection set up.

Fast forward two years and the warehouse was bursting at the seams, staff numbers were increasing and squeezing more stock onto the shelves was proving problematic. So once again, Tartanista was on the move.

Our current warehouse is ideal in terms of both storage space and logistics, with the added bonus of a separate kitchen to satisfy our frequent beverage needs.

We’re always looking for new Scottish items to add to our roster, so if you have any ideas, please send an email.

We strive to give good service and products, so as the old saying (that we just made up) goes ‘If you are happy with us tell all your friends, but if you are unhappy, tell us so we can put it right’.

Please contact John directly on his personal email if you have any comments or suggestions.