Scotland's National Flower - The Thistle

Scotland's National Flower - The Thistle

Posted by Tartanista on 29th Mar 2022

The Thistle, a common flower blooming in the Scottish Highlands, has represented a symbol of heraldry and high honours for over 500 years. During the last centuries, their national emblem was present on silver coins, the Coat of Arms and even inspired Scotland's Highest Chivaleric "Order of Thistle".

One of its best-known legends takes place in the 13th century, during a surprise invasion planned by the Vikings trying to overcome the Scottish Clansmen while sleeping. According to the legend, the invaders were barefoot and came across an area overed in thistles. Their shouts warned the Scots who rose up and saved Scotland from invasion, this being the moment when the Thistle has been chosen as a national emblem.

Today, the Thistle represents the highest honours Scotland can give to an individual and can be seen on many sporrans, sgian dubhs, pins and belts as it is considered to be the best-known Scottish symbol, recognised all over the world.