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Tartanista Kilts

We offer a wide selection of kilts at great prices.

VALUE KILTS | 5 yard traditional kilts which are great value, come in over 10 tartans and can be used for formal and casual occasions.

DELUXE KILTS | 8 yard, heavier weight traditional kilts for formal occasions like weddings or Burns suppers in Black Watch, Royal Stewart, Honour of Scotland and many more tartans.

UTILITY KILTS | Highly popular cargo kilts with pockets made from heavy drill or more traditional tartan material. Ideal for hiking or other outside activities like the Oktoberfest.

PARTY KILTS | Made with poly viscose, ideal for travel and partying due to their durability and non crease properties. They come in 4 famous tartan clans.

WEATHERED KILTS | The same as our Deluxe kilts but in a weathered look. They come in Weathered Black Watch, Fraser and Mackenzie. We also stock the matching weathered sock flashes.

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)