Tartanista Boys Kilt Socks

Kilt hose/socks are traditionally worn knee high with the upper part of the hose/sock folded back down to create a thicker cuff just below the knee. Traditionally they are a solid colour that complements the kilt you are wearing and are made of an acrylic or a wool blend. 

We offer three different styles of boys kilt socks/hose and a variety of solid colours. 

Available in UK shoe sizes boys 3 to adult 3.5.

Boys Sock Flashes/Garter Flashes

Sock/Garter flashes are elastic straps worn inside the cuff of the hose to hold them in place. The flashes are the short strips of fabric worn hanging from the garter. They are traditionally meant to match the tartan of the kilt or at the least compliment it.

Shop our socks, and huge selection of 15+ different tartans of boys kilt flashes below.