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Tartanista Boys Traditional Scottish Clothing

Kilts & Kilt Outfits | Catering for boys aged 0 - 16 our kilt and kilt outfits come in a huge range of styles and tartans from Royal Stewart to Irish. 

Sporrans | Every kilt needs an appropraitely sized and matching sporran. We sell sporrans catering for ages 4 to 14. 

Shirts | We offer traditional Jacobite era shirts (also known as ghillie shirts) appropriate for boys aged 3 - 14.

Jackets & Waistcoats | From the traditional Prince Charlie jacket to standard tartan waistcoats our range of Scottish jackets & waistcoats cater for chest sizes 25" to 34".

Accessories | Add the finishing touches to your kilt outfit with our boys Scottish accessories. Including (but not limited to) boys belts, boys buckles, boys socks, boys sock flashes, and boys shoes. 

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