Tartanista Men's Scottish/Irish Kilts, Available in sizes 30 to 54.

Value Kilts | 5 yard, 10 ounce lightweight tartan kilts, come in over 15 tartans, for casual or formal occasions. Your basic kilt for any outfit.

Deluxe Kilts | 8 yard, heavier weight traditional kilts for formal occasions like weddings or Burns night suppers. Come in Black Watch, Royal Stewart, Honour of Scotland and many more tartans.

Utility Kilts | Cargo kilts with pockets made from heavy drill, or more traditional tartan material. Ideal for hiking or other outside activities like Oktoberfest or Highland games.

Weathered Kilts | The same as our Deluxe kilts but in a weathered tartan, supposed to look as if weathered by the elements. They come in Weathered Black Watch, Fraser and Mackenzie. We also stock the matching weathered sock flashes and fly plaids.