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Tartanista Mens Traditional Scottish Clothing

We offer a huge range of traditional, dress, semi-dress and informal Scottish clothing for men. From the cheaper value kilts, to deluxe kilts our range of men's clothing is huge. 

Kilts | In over 20+ different tartans from Royal Stewart to Blue Douglas our range of kilts has every event covered. 

Kilt Outfits | Take the stress out of your kilt shopping and pick up a complete 5 piece kilt outfit. Available in 7 different tartans from Plain Black to Honour of Scotland. We currently stock sizes 30" waist to 54" waist. 

Sporrans & Sporran Belts | Sporrans are available in 5 different styles appropriate for all types of events from dress to semi-dress to everyday wear. 

Jackets & Waistcoats | We sell the main four types of traditional Scottish jackets/waistcoats. The Argyll waistcoat, the Prince Charlie jacket, Swordsman waistcoats and tartan waistcoats. Available in sizes 34 - 58 (S - 3XL)

Shirts | Both formal (dress) and informal (semi-dress/everyday wear) shirts are available on our store. Jacobite Shirts are our most popular shirts and come in both black and white at sizes XS to 4XL. 

Golf Trousers | Murray golf trousers are available from our store. Available in a variety of tartans from Black Stewart to Grey Granite and sizes 30W/31L to 40W/31L.

Shoes | We stock both traditional Scottish shoes and traditional Scottish boots in UK sizes 6 - 15. 

Kilt Belts | No outfit is complete without a nice belt. Whether you are looking to complete your traditional Argyll outfit, or simply make a kilt appear more dress than semi-dress, we have you covered.

Kilt Buckles | Although some of our belts come with buckles, it's often nice to hand select your own buckle to add that personal flair to your outfit. We have over 25+ different styles and designs of kilt buckle for you to shop from.

Accessories | Our range of Scottish kilt accessories contains (but is not limited to) Kilt Pins, Socks, Sock Flashes, Hats, Fly Plaids, Pipe Band Accessories, Sgian Dubhs and Scarves.


4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)